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A Guide to a Creative Life

Updated: Oct 24, 2018

20th & Ives is not just a company, it's a community of time-strapped creatives working to improve their lives and the world. We can all use a little help focusing on the passions that fuel us, and making time for them in our busy lives. If you're in need of a new approach to creativity and some practical steps to integrate your passions into the churn of the day-to-day, the 20th & Ives Guide to a Creative Life can give you the direction and support that you need.


If you've ever experienced a creative block or fallen into a slump like I have, you know that it is not always easy to summon the motivation you need to get to work. Even when the project is exciting and important to you, there are still obstacles that can derail progress. Ultimately, our motivation comes down to our beliefs and the thoughts we choose to think about creativity.


Even the most skilled artists, authors, musicians are known to question their abilities and have new skills to master. Wherever you are in your creative journey, there are things you need to learn and practice in order to reach new vistas.



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